Our Work

Human Values in
Human-Machine Teaming

A Solid Foundation

The Training Data
Project (TDP) is a
nonprofit with a laser
focus on AI’s building
blocks. When someone
says- “I just want to trust
my data!”- we understand.
AI for the public good
depends on a solid training
data foundation. Through our
work, we aim to provide the AI
community with access to tools,
resources, and best practices for
TRUST-worthy AI.

A trusted partner

The TDP understands the need for a trusted partner in data labeling. Training data missteps are expensive. Whether you are starting on an AI journey or seeking to improve your current work, TDP provides guidance to make informed decisions about which path to take. Through the TDP’s resources and insights, our members and partners can harness the power of AI without breaking the bank.

fueling innovation +
Positive Impact

We are headquartered in Washington, DC and committed to inclusive, responsible, and representative AI that maintains our nation’s competitive advantage. Policy and standards are critical. With an unwavering commitment to ethical and responsible AI, we aim to empower members to explore the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence- fueling innovation and positive impact.