The Training Data Project (TDP) was inspired by the quote “we are all our sums uncounted.” We believe that everyone possesses a unique potential that can shape the future of AI. We aim to ensure that AI training data reflects all people and communities. By beginning with training data, we strive to create fair and effective AI systems.

supporting our community

Through contributions to charitable organizations, we support different groups to help them join the AI world. These groups include:

  • Skillbridge programs
    for active military personnel
  • Job training programs for
    veterans with traumatic brain injuries
  • Organizations that train
    emotional support dogs for veterans
  • Job training programs
    for the neurologically diverse
  • Initiatives for youth
    interested in AI and Data Science careers
  • Re-Entry programs for
    individuals post incarceration
  • Work programs for individuals
    in early sobriety

supporting our country

With roots supporting Public Safety, Defense and Intelligence, we equally aim to help the United States government develop AI training data that adheres to democratic principles and reflects our society’s diversity- prioritizing strength through training data. This trustworthy and reliable data can improve public services, decision-making, and strengthen our democracy. Our focus is on creating AI that fuels positive change, accommodates diverse perspectives, and benefits all.

“We are all our sums uncounted.”